Basketball Court Lighting

Basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports. It is gaining grounds not only in America, but also in other continents of the world. It is a fairly easy game to play and the only basic requirements are a ball and a basketball court, played typically by 10 to 30 total players. A basketball court is about twenty to twenty four (20-24) times smaller than a football pitch; no wonder it is a lot easier to put up a basketball court given the limited availability of vacant lots. 

The game can be played both indoors and outdoors, so people can enjoy playing or watching the game live, regardless of weather conditions. Also, the game can be played day or night for added flexibility in time and schedule.

In recent years, we’ve seen an uptick in interest of people in basketball as a truly global sport. Almost all countries have basketball representatives in major sporting events. Grassroots development of the sport can also be seen in different parts of the community.

Importance of Proper Outdoor Lighting in Basketball Courts

Proper lighting is important in the sport for both players and spectators alike. If a court lacks sufficient light, it will be very difficult for players to see the ball, especially in a fast paced game — where passing, dribbling and shooting take place far too many times per minute. Without efficient and proper lighting, the audience will also not be able to see a thing on the court, which will make it difficult to watch.

Furthermore, some games are video recorded or televised for mass consumption and public viewing. These games have certain lighting criteria for it to look clear and crisp on video or on TV. Cameras need to have more light to capture fast moving plays in order to properly broadcast games on TV or record it on a video.

LED Light vs Traditional Outdoor Lights

The popularity of the sport has led to advancement in basketball court lighting as well. As more and more people play the sport, the number of fans who watch basketball live on a court or through television has also increased. The lighting system has taken huge steps forward. 

Past technology include fluorescent lights, halogen, high-pressure sodium and high-intensity discharge lights such as metal halide, among others. These technologies have varying degrees of advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage of older lighting technologies is its cheap upfront cost. 

Using LED on outdoor courts, on the other hand, has a lot of advantages over the traditional lighting systems. These include:

  1. LED Light Lifespan

This can easily be the most significant advantage of LEDs compared to traditional outdoor lights. On the average, LEDs can operate between 50,000 to 100,000 hours. That is 2-4 times longer than most traditional lighting system. Sure, LEDs may have a higher start up cost, but the lifespan advantage can very well pay for itself.

  • Energy Efficiency

This is the second major advantage of using LEDs on a playing court. As LEDs generally consume very low amounts of power compared to older lights, the efficiency gain could be anywhere from 50% to 75%. Some studies even showed 90% efficiency improvement depending on the type of LED lights installed. 

  • Safety

This very important aspect is often overlooked when comparing LEDs with older lighting systems. Non LED systems convert majority of the total energy used to power the lights directly into heat. They emit a lot of heat while using only a fraction of the energy to produce light. This is the reason why non LED systems emit a lot of heat and require high voltage electrical system to operate properly. LEDs, on the other hand, emit almost no forward heat and can operate effectively on low-voltage electrical systems.

  • Great Color Rendering Index (CRI)

CRI measures the lights ability to reveal actual colors of what is on the basketball court. LEDs generally have very good ratings when it comes to CRI. This makes colors pop out clearly. 

  • Portability and Design Flexibility

Because of the lights’ physical small design, you can fit LED lights into any space. They can be put in a linear fashion (e.g. on top of the sidelines, along the courtside, etc.) or be combined with traditional bulbs to highlight certain areas of the basketball court.

  • Instant On and Dimmable

Unlike traditional lighting systems such as metal halide where you have to wait a few minutes before it can reach ideal lighting condition, LED lights turn on instantly the moment you turn on the switch. There will be no game delays if the court lights turned off and had to be turned back on. LED lights can also be dimmable to add effects.

Our Outdoor LED Lights for Basketball Courts 

You can choose from any of our LED lights to brighten up your basketball court. We have a variety of offerings based on the need of your basketball court. Whether it is just a tiny backyard court or an Olympic size court with stadium type seating, we have a lot of options for LED light requirements to suit your need. From the 150W single module high mast to 1200W single module high mast, we can tailor fit the solution based on your needs.

Our highly efficient lighting products can replace your traditional non-LED lights at lesser wattage consumption and brighter lumen capacity. Our 150-watt LED Flood Light can replace the traditional 600-watt metal halide, while our 400-watt LED Flood Light can replace the traditional 1000-watt metal halide. For big basketball courts with audience seating, we offer a 1200-watt LED Flood Light which can replace the 3000-watt traditional metal halide. All of our LED lights have a life span of about 50,000 hours, which will eliminate the need to replace bulbs frequently.

If your basketball court still uses the traditional lighting system such as halogen, fluorescent, or HID, it is time to upgrade your lighting system to LED. There are just so many benefits in using LED lights especially as you take your game to a higher level. These upgrades will pay for itself as months go by, due to its electrical efficiency.

iShineLux is globally recognized as one of the most competitive and successful LED light manufacturing companies. For over a decade, the company has focused a lot on the quality of its products. For all your basketball court lighting needs, you can trust us in providing you a state-of-the-art solution.