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High pole street lights

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The configuration knowledge points of the high pole lamp are as follows: 1. The pole is an eight-sided, twelve-sided, and eighteen-sided pyramidal pole, which is cut, bent, and automatically welded to form a high-strength high-quality steel plate, and the design wind resistance can reach 60 meters per second. Each specification is composed of 3 to 4 plug-in sections, equipped with flanged steel chassis, with a diameter of 1 meter to 1.2 meters and a thickness of 30mm to 40mm. 2. The functionality is mainly frame structure, and some are mainly decorative materials, mainly steel pipes and steel pipes. Lamp poles and lamp panels are treated with hot-dip galvanizing. 3. The electric lifting system consists of an electric motor, a winch, three groups of hot-dip galvanized steel wire ropes and cables. The lamp pole is installed in the body, and the lifting speed is 3 to 5 meters per minute. 4. The guiding and unloading system is composed of guiding wheels and guiding arms to ensure that the lamp panel does not move laterally during the lifting process, and to ensure that the lamp panel can be automatically detached and locked by the hook when the lamp panel is raised in place.


 Specific can:

There are many sizes of high pole lights. Generally, we refer to lighting street lights with a height of more than 15 meters as high pole lights. The size of the pole and the number and wattage of the light source are determined according to the height. For example, the size of a 15-meter light pole is generally 120-280mm, and the wall thickness is 4.5mm, so that a plate with a width of 1.26m is just enough for the material and the caliber combination method is not wasted. The flange uses 600*20mm, and the 20-meter high pole lamp The size is 220-420mm, the wall thickness is 6mm, and the corresponding plate with a flange diameter of 800*20mm is also just the width of the plate. The cost is reduced to the price.

Because of the height, the foundation is required to be stable enough, and the size of the light pole must be correspondingly larger. First, the diameter of the light pole is 300-600mm. The main body of the light pole is divided into three sections, and the wall thickness increases from top to bottom, respectively, 6 /8/10, the flange is 1000*30mm, the light source is mentioned below, because the wattage of the high-pressure sodium light source is 1000w, so we can only make a fuss on the number of light sources. Of course, customer needs are in place, and the customer requires only a few light sources. A few, 6-8 and a circular lamp panel are enough. If there are more than 10, it will be divided into two or three layers. Furthermore, if there are special lighting requirements, such as basketball courts, In places such as football fields and golf courses, the lamp panels need to be layered more than 5 layers, and the weight will not be top-heavy even if the weight is spread down. This ensures the safety of the high-pole lights, and at the same time has both aesthetics and lighting effects.


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