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How to ensure the lighting time of lithium battery solar street lights in winter

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 We all know that the sun exposure conditions will decrease in winter as a whole. For lithium battery solar street lights, this is a test, because under the circumstance of the decline of the sun's irradiation conditions, the required lighting time becomes longer. So, how to ensure the winter lighting time of lithium battery solar street lights? Let's take a look at the detailed introduction given by Lighting Co., Ltd. below.

1. Light conditions

   In fact, compared with summer, winter is just that the intensity and time of sunlight are reduced, and the sun still shines. In summer, because of the good effect of sunlight, it can be fully charged in two or three hours. In winter, the storage time is prolonged due to the influence of light conditions, but as long as the light time is satisfied, the battery can be fully charged.

  The decision to determine whether the street lamp lighting is enough at all times still depends on the battery. The large battery capacity will store more power, and vice versa, the storage power will be less. Therefore, it is necessary to configure batteries with sufficient capacity according to regional conditions.

How to ensure the lighting time of lithium battery solar street lights in winter(图1)

  2, underground storage battery

   At present, most solar street lights use lithium batteries, which have high cold resistance and can adapt to the low temperature of minus 40 . Batteries are far less resistant to cold than lithium batteries, and the ground is cold. Some underground battery solar street lights must pay attention to winter protection. If the battery is buried too shallow, it may freeze the battery, so the battery must be buried at least one meter deep in the ground.

  3, battery board snow

Snow is unavoidable in winter. Light snow or sleet will not affect the normal use of solar panels. However, measures must be taken in case of heavy snow or blizzard, because the snow covering the solar panels will form a shadow area, and the conversion of solar panels will not be affected. Uniformity affects power generation efficiency. Therefore, doing a good job in snow cleaning is also one of the ways to ensure that the lithium battery solar street lights are always adequate in winter.

Now you know how to guarantee the lighting time of lithium battery solar street lights in winter, but in fact, the most important point is to find reliable quality products. The lithium battery solar street lights produced by Lighting Co., Ltd. are currently very competitive on the market. Yes, while the price remains relatively low, the service life of lighting is one of the best in the industry. Welcome to inquire about the company’s product details.


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