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Increase the working stability of LED solar street lights to make the world more colorful

time:2021-07-01 Views:

Most of the current LED solar street lights and ordinary street lights use LED solar street lamp heads as the light source, which consumes less power and has high brightness. This is the advantage of LED light sources. In order to increase the operating time of solar street lights, LED street lamp heads are used, which is also to increase The working stability of the street lamp.

LED solar street lights mainly use ultra-high thermal conductivity aluminum materials as heat dissipation components, and we all know that the heat dissipation effect of the scaly type, copper pillar type or heightened and stable long-life fan is the best in the lamp, so high-power LED street lights are used This design is questionable to a certain extent, after all, heat dissipation is an extremely important reference for the use of lamps.

 Secondly, high-power solar street lights use high-transmittance and high-refraction optical glass lenses. This design can not only ensure the output of luminous flux, but to a certain extent can better play the role of reflectivity of high-power LED street lights. It can be said that it is a very smart light distribution technology, and its application effect is also very prominent.


   Once again, high-power LED street lights use high-strength tempered glass as their mirror material, which is conducive to better display of its light transmission performance and anti-ultraviolet function, so that the effect of high-power LED street lights can be maximized.

Then there is the design of a stable constant current drive LED power supply. This design not only improves the efficiency of the power supply, but also guarantees its service life of more than 50,000 hours. In addition, the integrated LED technology used, to a certain extent The use and equipment of light beads is more reasonable.

Then the LED solar street light still uses the design of cold light source without heat radiation. This design is not only a great help to the health of people’s eyes, but also a lot easier to replace when using environmentally friendly materials. You have to find the corresponding The alternatives to ”are not a very difficult thing. Generally speaking, they are in line with the trend of environmental protection that we often talk about now.

Finally, the installation of lamps is very simple, and there are many ways to install them. It is perfect for large, medium and small venues. We all know that some lamps are more troublesome to install, while high-power LED street lamps It saves the trouble in this regard. In addition, there are a variety of colors to choose from, which is also a very user-friendly design, making it more colorful.



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