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What are the advantages of 6m solar street lights

time:2021-06-11 Views:

  1. Using solar energy as a power source, you can work in a well-lit place, which can reduce the city's electricity consumption, save more energy, and don't have to worry about power outages or power restrictions;

  2. What are the advantages of 6m solar street lights(图1)

   2. The voltage is low, usually only 17.5V or 36V two specifications, compared to the commercial power supply 220V is still very safe;

   3. The standard configuration is usually an LED light source. The light source has a high utilization rate of electric energy and is a cold light source. No harmful substances such as carbon dioxide will be generated during the lighting process of high sodium lamp or low sodium lamp. No pollution, more environmental protection, no radiation;

   4. During installation, only one foundation pit needs to be dug to make a cement foundation, and there is no need for many pits to bury cables, which reduces the tedious work in the early stage.


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