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What is the protection level of 6m solar street light IP65

time:2021-07-06 Views:

When choosing a 6-meter solar street light, many customers and friends will notice that it has an important parameter, which is IP65. Many people do not know what it is. Below, we have invited a professional manufacturer to introduce the meaning of the parameter of the 6-meter solar street light protection level IP65 in detail.


Dust level (indicated by the first I

  0: No protection

  1: Prevent the intrusion of large solids

   2: Prevent the intrusion of medium-sized solids

   3: Prevent small solids from entering and intruding

  4: Prevent the entry of solid objects larger than 1mm

  5: Prevent the accumulation of harmful dust

  6: Prevent dust from entering


  Waterproof rating (the second P indicates)

  0: No protection

  1: Water droplets into the shell have no effect

  2: When the shell is tilted to 15 degrees, the water droplets into the shell have no effect

   3: Water or rain has no effect from the 60 degree corner to the shell

   4: The liquid is splashed into the shell from any direction without damage

  5: Rinse with water without any damage

  6: Can be used in the cabin environment

  7: Resistance to water immersion in a short time (1m)

   8: Long-term immersion in water under a certain pressure

   Therefore, IP65 means that the lamp is intact to prevent dust from entering, and there is no damage to it when flushed with water.


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