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led solar street light

time:2021-04-19 Views:

The use of led solar street lights has also reduced a lot of trouble for people. It mainly uses solar energy in energy consumption selection. In the daytime, solar energy is converted into electric energy by absorbing solar energy, and electric energy is released for lighting at night, so as to realize the purpose of lighting and make people's night activities full of light. Everyone knows that solar energy has the characteristics of environmental protection and pollution-free, and also has the advantages of energy saving, consumption reduction, environmental protection and durability. The use of led solar street lights has also reduced a lot of trouble for people, and the installation of led solar street lights does not need to lay any power supply lines to get bright lighting services, which not only saves a huge amount of manpower and material resources, but also creates a very high Economic performance. Makes the lighting public project easier, and greatly improves the construction efficiency.


     At present, LED solar street lights are mainly used in public places such as urban main roads, secondary arterial roads, communities, tourist attractions, and parking lots, which also create a great convenience for people's lives. The service life of led solar street lights is relatively long and can show extremely high social benefits. With the continuous maturation of solar energy application technology, led solar street lights have shown an increasingly stable performance in product structure and quality, so that people can use led solar street lights with more confidence.

At present, my country has actively promoted the construction and development of new rural areas by starting the power transmission project; using new rural solar street lights to replace traditional street lights on main road sections; actively researching and developing more energy-saving and efficient new rural solar street lights, etc., and actively promoting the construction and development of new rural areas. The main force of construction is indispensable.


  New rural solar street lights are widely used in the north and south of China due to their low power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving, and long service life. Due to the small opening angle of the traditional LED light source, the high brightness of the dot area, the strong directionality of light scattering, the light source is easy to form a light spot, and the light uniformity is not good, the new rural solar street lamp will gradually replace the traditional in the lighting field. Street lights have become the mainstream of lighting in the new era.

We should update and improve the structure of traditional solar lighting lamps, intelligent controllers, reflector angles and technology, so that the advantages of the new and old generations of street lamps complement each other, so that the new rural solar street lamps have a better luminous effect and a longer lifespan. , More energy-saving and cleaner, more conducive to application and promotion.


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