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manufacturers of energy-saving high bay light kits are made of aluminum.

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The excellent characteristics of aluminum and its alloys are its appearance, good structure, strong workability, good physical and mechanical properties, and good corrosion resistance. As a result, aluminum has an unparalleled advantage in forging metals. The density of aluminum is only 2.7g/cm3, which is about 1/3 of the density of steel, copper or brass (7.83g/cm3 and 8.93g/cm3, respectively). Under most environmental conditions, including air, water (or salt water), petrochemicals, and many chemical systems, aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance.

Understand the difference between explosion-proof lights and high bay lights

manufacturers of energy-saving high bay light kits are made of aluminum.(图1)

Industrial and mining lamps refer to waterproof, pollution-proof and anti-corrosion, and explosion-proof lamps do not ignite. Some explosion-proof lights include three protections, but high bay lights do not include explosion-proof lights. To understand the difference between explosion-proof lights and high bay lights, you must understand their respective definitions.

Industrial and mining lamp manufacturers introduced the definition of industrial and mining lamps: The three certifications of industrial and mining lamps involve waterproofing, anti-pollution and anti-corrosion. The lamp provides anti-corrosion, waterproof and anti-oxidation solutions for the power circuit controller. Energy-saving industrial and mining lamp special-purpose power circuit has the characteristics of weak airtightness and heat removal ability of the power box, which reduces the operating temperature of soft starters in power engineering, and implements bidirectional insulation layer solutions for high voltage protection and maintenance circuits and RF connectors. Ensure the reliability of the route. According to the specific office environment of high bay lights, nano-technology electrostatic spraying is carried out on the surface of the lamp maintenance box to avoid dampness and erosion, and avoid dust and moisture in the body.

Industrial and mining lamps are generally used in places where there is a lot of smoke, dust, precipitation, and strong corrosion in industrial production lighting fixtures, such as steel, petrochemical, power plants, ships, gymnasiums, underground parking lots, villa basements, and so on.

Definition of explosion-proof lighting equipment: Explosion-proof lighting equipment refers to lighting equipment used in places where flammable gas and smoke are dangerous. They can avoid electrical isolation of flammable gas and flammable gas in the surrounding environment, flame and high temperature ignition. Smoke, dust, and then comply with explosion-proof regulations. Also called explosion-proof lamps and lighting fixtures. Different flammable gas mixtures and natural environments have different requirements for the protection level and method of explosion-proof lamps.


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