Golf Field Lighting

Golf is one of the most popular pastimes in countries all over the world, and proper golf field lighting for playing to the highest standard is essential. The right golf field lighting allows players to see everything better, which is a key component to being a better golfer. For years events have used traditional lighting methods that are costly, cumbersome, and overall difficult to deal with. With advancements in LED golf field lighting, a lot of courses are making the switch.

When you replace traditional lights with new LED lighting, your course and events will benefit in many ways. Not only are they going to give you a better quality of lighting, but they are also going to be much easier to set-up, cost less on your monthly bills, and be more efficient to use and maintain overall. Your golf field lighting is important to the success of the business, and LED lighting can help your golf course to shine bright going forward.

LED Golf Field Lighting Applications

There are many different types of lighting that a golf field is going to require, and there are many different things that need to be considered, depending on the type of event, time of year, and many other factors. This is why there are numerous types of LED lighting systems available. Whether you need floodlights, high bay lights, or any other style, there is an option available to meet your unique requirements and specifications.

For major events, the 18th green will typically have a whole host of golf field lighting fixtures ensure that it is highlighted as the center of attention where matches will be decided and showdowns will take place throughout the event. There is a wide range of LED lighting options available to ensure that the final hole is going to be well covered and spectators and film crews alike can welcome the players back to the clubhouse in style. Any type of lighting you may have used in years past can be efficiently replaced with an LED alternative, providing a more efficient cost-effective solution.

Golfers Appreciation

This is especially true when the weather isn’t at it’s brightest, or it is getting closer to dusk. Golfers need the best possible golf field lighting so they can see their intended targets and keep their eye on the ball after it is hit. When you install LED lights on your course you will provide golfers with a major boost in visibility. The lighting is bright, but it will not hinder their ability to see the ball or pick their spots.

If you are keeping the players happy with the right golf field lighting, then they are going to play better rounds and tell people about it. Having LED lighting is going to ensure that all of your golfers are happy with their ability to see the ball and the entire course.

Environmentally Sound

With a huge focus on renewable energy, sustainability, and lowering carbon emissions, in the world right now, everyone has to do their part to try and help the environment. LED lighting is much more environmentally friendly than its outdated lighting counterparts of the past. Using much less power, LED lighting lasts exponentially longer, lowering energy bills, decreasing waste, and saving money while providing you with the morse effective lighting solution available.

As golf is a sport that encapsulates mother nature, it only makes sense to be as conscious as possible about the impact you make. With LED golf field lighting, you will be making less of a carbon footprint and sending less old bulbs to landfill. Switching to LED lighting is a win-win situation for you and the surrounding environment.

Provide Better Filming Conditions

With golf’s unprecedented popularity, there are now multiple professional tours, amateur tours, and other events that are broadcast on television and online. If your golf course has the right LED lighting, it will give broadcasters and amateurs alike a better shot when recording your events. With the right setup, everything will look a little brighter and sharper under LED lights, and the people recording it will be able to capture the best footage possible.

With the amount of video-based media that is consumed around the world nowadays, golf-related content is becoming increasingly popular. If you install LED golf field lighting can give your course an advantage when it comes to hosting events that will be filmed. By investing in your golf course with the right lighting, you will ensure it remains an attractive option for film crews, TV stations, and event organizers, giving you the opportunity to improve the recognition of your facility to an engaged audience of golf enthusiasts around the world.

Great For Ground Crews

The team of people that slog it out in the off hours to keep your golf courses looking pristine should be provided with the tools and environment they need to work safely and efficiently. With the proper LED golf field lighting, the ground crew will have a much easier time doing their work in the early hours of the morning. As a lot of the maintenance is typically carried out at night or early morning, they will appreciate a solid LED light source to illuminate their work area.

This is also going to benefit the course in general, as if the workers can see better, they can do a better job of grounds repair. Plus, if you are keeping your essential workers happier, you can be sure that you will build a team that you can depend on as your course continues to grow and become more popular in time.

Big Energy Savings

LED golf field lighting may seem like a large expense upfront, but you simply need to take a step back and take a closer look at what it will do for you in the long run. As LED lighting does not use nearly as much energy as standard lights, you will almost immediately see the results in your power bills. When you pair this with the fact that the average LED light can last for up to 40,000 hours of use, you will quickly realize the major savings that lay ahead from installing LED lighting.

Switch To LED And Reap The Rewards

There are so many things to like about LED lighting and the benefits it can bring to the golf course. Whether you are looking to save money, increase visibility, or it’s simply time to modernize your lighting setup, LED lighting is the way to go. To upgrade your golf field lighting and to learn about the benefits of switching to LED, get in touch with our team of LED lighting experts at IShineLUX today.