Government Building Lighting

Government building lighting is one of many essential elements involved in keeping your facility safe and accessible for the people. Regardless of what country, town, city, or village you are in, there is more than likely a government building in the area, and all of these buildings have requirements for accessibility, including all lighting and fixtures. With the advancement in lighting technology, including LED lighting, there are many great options available.

Every government building can benefit from adopting newer lighting technology, as there are many advantages to installing LED lighting. Not only can it save governments money over time but using LED lighting helps to lower carbon emissions and reduce waste, helping to protect the environment. There are endless uses for LED technology when it comes to government building lighting which we will explore in more detail below.

Government Building Lighting Enhances Your Facility

Every building that the government owns is going to need some form of lighting to be able to operate, and some will need much more than others. There are various choices of LED options for ceiling lights, desk lights, stairwells, elevators, parking lots, and more. Not only will LED government building lights look better than older out-dated and inefficient lighting options, but they will also offer the public and employees with a safer environment as well.

Bathrooms and hallways will be better illuminated using LED lighting, and access points will also benefit. Anywhere that you would normally have government building lighting can be enhanced with LEDs. Besides the initial upfront cost, there is no downside to making the switch, only a host of benefits to enjoy in both the short and long term.

Save Money In The Long Term

As every infrastructure change costs the government money, the cost of installing LED lighting as well as the ongoing running and maintenance costs need to be considered. The good news is that LED government building lighting is so efficient that it will end up paying for itself in the long run. LED lighting requires much less power for the output that they give, which will lower your energy bills significantly from the moment of installation.

Along with lower energy requirements, LED lighting is also designed to last exponentially longer than other types of lighting. The average lifespan of an LED light is between 40,000 and 50,000 hours, with many being higher than that. That means some government building LED lighting could run for up to 20 years without needing to be replaced. With that amount of longevity, an upgrade means less maintenance and upkeep over time, saving on time, labor, and money.

Create A Safer Environment

Safety should always be a top priority of any government agency, and switching to LED government building lighting will have a positive impact on the safety of your facility. Older, inefficient lighting, especially outside of the buildings, can be dim and dull and really not provide enough illumination. Having LED lighting outside, on the other hand, will make every nook and cranny visible. Employees and visitors will have a better sense of security, making the area safe and comfortable to visit.

By having access points and outside areas illuminated with high-efficiency LED lights, you are automatically creating a safer environment for everyone. This will go a long way in keeping everyone feeling better, especially during the darker months of the year and from dusk to dawn.

No Noise And No Waiting

Everyone can relate to that persistent hum that comes from traditional fluorescent office lighting, and it just never seems to go away. For many years a lot of government building lighting consisted of these types of setups that were noisy and irritating to listen to. With LED lighting you will get no noise or hum occurring throughout the building, making for a more relaxing and productive work environment.

Contrary to what many people think, you do not have to wait for the lights to ‘warm-up’ in the mornings as it was in the past. Older lighting setups with fluorescent, CFL, and halogen lighting could take time to power and work at full capacity. With the switch to LED, there will be absolutely no waiting, and you will instantly get the full brightness that you need.

A Greener Lighting Solution

Nowadays, more than ever, as there is more focus on environmental protection, sustainability, and the future of the planet, every government needs to be doing its part to help protect our environment. Older government building lighting setups were inefficient, used too much power, and filled landfills when they were routinely replaced. With LED lighting you will be doing more than you think to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem when it comes to the health of the planet.

As LED technology continues to becomes more efficient, it is taking less and less energy to power these lights. You will see the difference in your power bill immediately, and that difference affects more than just your pockets. Also, as these lights can last for 20 plus years, they will not be discarded as garbage every few months.

Versatile and Low-Maintenance

One of the best things about LED lighting, besides the cost savings, is the fact that they are so easy to deal with. The various styles are all designed to be simple and easy to replace if you ever actually have to. They are also a very versatile style of light and are able to be installed with dimmer switches and timers to make things more customizable around the government building.

Strong And Durable

Many people can think of a time when they have accidentally bumped a traditional incandescent or fluorescent lightbulb and it shattered. They were typically pretty fragile and easy to break. LED lighting has been designed with durability in mind, and are a lot less prone to accidental breakage.

LED lighting solutions can also deal with varying temperatures without any issues. This makes them the ideal choice for areas that experience extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

LED Is The Right Choice For Government Building Lighting

If your government building lighting is in need of an upgrade, make sure that you look at all the benefits of choosing LED. Whether you need a few simple ceiling fixtures switched, or an entire government building lighting project completed, LED offers a huge range of benefits over older, inefficient, and outdated lighting setups. Get in touch with our team IShineLUX today to speak to our team about improving your government building with an upgrade to LED.