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Here comes the 14 TYPHOON

No one has the perfect life all the time . It was sunshine with gentle wind on Sept 15th , but strom comes accidently like a tiger with all the anger to show its big power next day! 

The 14 rating of TYPHOON made people got worried to stock food fully cleaned the supermarket even the fired noodles all gone in one night and the cost of the vegertables got double price to sell, the whole city was under the dark company with peolple living here. 

People outside hugged the tree for safe, although the years tree flowed down in the middle of the road , broken glasses everywhere even roofs from the vedor’s lied in the mess floor scilently. All the drops filled with leaves like big holes to punch everything. Someone hotel got the broken damaged lost as thieves did this crime. 

However , I’ve got the good feedback from one of clients , who sent us some pictures to see the high mast light is still stonger working well as usual even installed 30 metres high in the pole luckily and lighting passby’s safe. 

Patented Modular Floodlight , 200-1600W optional , different Beam Angles 10/25/45/60/90°,IES 140LM/W, Raining testing IP66, Anti-thunder 10KV , good choice to use for life. 

If this is your needed at present for projects , what are you waiting for ? 

Welcome to try sample order: [email protected] .com 

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