Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lots in commercial places and offices are seldom given enough attention, they being away from the center of the business activities of the place. It should not be the case, however.

Safety and security of the motorists and their passengers, as well as the pedestrians, in these places are as important as those of the people inside the establishments the parking lots are built for.

A properly lighted parking lot fosters security. It deters any potential criminals or vandals from staying in the place. Parking customers have peace of mind and would not hesitate to frequent the business place again. Good lighting, including in the parking area, contributes to a healthy business.

LED Lighting and its Advantages

The ever-improving technology has constantly revolutionized lighting for all applications, even in parking lots. Parking lots also witnessed the use of old technologies in lighting before – incandescent lamps, fluorescent bulbs, high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, metal halide lamps, and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps.  LED is currently use of the most efficient and effective lighting technology available.  

Parking lots that use LED lighting gain tremendous benefits that include:

  1. Reduced energy and maintenance costs. LEDs can save up to 75% of your electricity bills compared to old lighting technology. It gives higher lumens per watt, powers on and off quickly and can also be used with other electronic control systems like dimmers and smart controls.
  • Zero IR and minimal UV emissions. Unlike HID lamps that emit considerable UV, which is harmful, LED has very little UV emissions.
  • Some models are dimmable. The dimmable types of LED are capable of dimming the light up to 10%, when there are no activities in the room, saving you energy and electricity bills.
  • Enhanced customer safety and security and overall customer experience. With effective lighting, people feel safe in your parking lot and the business place overall. Customers are known to shun business with a poor parking facility.
  • Withstands extreme outdoor temperature. LED lights are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, which are not the case with fluorescent and HID lighting.  

ISHINELUX Outdoor Lights

ISHINELUX is a lighting technology company that specializes in quality outdoor lights. We have been in the business of designing and manufacturing professional LED lighting products since 2009. Our focus on energy efficiency has allowed us to develop outdoor lights with lumen output that is significantly higher than traditional lighting and even with the LED lighting products of our competitors.

We have a strong R & D team that constantly works in finding the needs of the market and the technologies that will fulfill these product needs and drive the manufacturing process. What we produce are excellent LED lighting products with better performance and lower costs. The 20 invention patents that have been awarded to us is a testimony to our innovative spirit.   

Highest quality materials from our established technology partner suppliers such as Philips, Lumileds, Citizen, and Cree are used in our products. Our reliable lighting products that include parking lot lights are guaranteed 100% quality inspected and fully tested against stringent specifications before going out of our factory. Our products have been certified to various global quality standards.  With our LEDs, you can be sure that you will get the most cost-effective lighting products available in the market.

Our Parking Lot Lights

We offer LED lights for parking lot applications with 10 watts up to 200 watts.  These highly efficient lighting products can be used to replace metal halide HID lamps that are rated typically double versus the power ratings of our products.  Our 100 w LED amp can replace a 250 w HID while our 200 w LED can replace a 400 w HID lamp. Aside from the savings from the difference in their power ratings, you also get the other inherent benefits you get with LED lighting, as cited in the discussion above.   

Our parking lot lamps are available in 4000K and 5000K color temperatures. They have a life span of up to 50,000 hours, which will result in higher lumen maintenance. They also come with CRI (color rendering index) 70+, indicating a high LED quality light output.     

If your parking lot still uses old technology lighting, you are losing a lot while missing the advantages you stand to get from LED lighting. It is high time you move to LED to benefit from this modern lighting system.    

Also, the poor lighting condition of your parking lots shouldn’t just be dismissed. The parking lot is an important part of your service to your customers that deserves due attention and care. Provide it the most efficient lighting with ISHINELUX Technology lamps. Our lamps are certain to give your parking facility years of bright and efficient lighting that keep your customers safe and give you a better business and peace of mind.