Staff Safety – 3 Safety Advantages Of LED Warehouse Lighting

Warehouses can be a dangerous place, especially when they don’t have proper LED warehouse lighting installed to create a safe work environment. For many years workers in warehouses have had to deal with dull, unsafe, and inadequate lighting while working. This is a major safety concern for employers and employees alike, and it’s important to […]

Make The Move – 3 Reasons To Switch To LED Government Building Lighting

With any building, lighting should be a priority, but this is especially true when it comes to government building lighting. With so many people coming in and out of the building at all hours of the day, including important officials, visitors, employees, and citizens. A government needs to ensure that there is adequate visibility for […]

Fan Favorite – How LED Football Stadium Lighting Enhances The Experience

With football being such a popular sport, it essential that the fans get the proper experience from your football stadium lighting. Being able to see everything as clearly as possible and under high-quality lighting is a huge part of being successful in the world of sport, allowing players to perform at their peak, spectators to […]

Color And Style – 3 Unique Applications Of RGB & RGBW Flood Lighting

RGB & RGB flood lighting is becoming increasingly popular throughout a whole variety of different industries and sectors. There are so many different ways that colored lights can enhance and highlight things that there really are no limits to the range of applications and uses. For anything that needs to be highlighted or shown off, […]

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