RGB and RGBW Flood LED Lighting

There isn’t a much better way to create a unique atmosphere at any indoor or outdoor event with RGB and RGBW flood lighting. With the variety of colors that you can display in an area, you can really make things pop and add a true ambiance to the festivities. Regardless of the type of event, or where it is located, adding some color to the mix will make your event more attractive and inviting for those in attendance.

With RGB and RGBW flood lighting you have an almost endless amount of possibilities to add some unique style wherever you are. You can use them in your own home, your business, or a public event to brighten things up or highlight certain areas. There are also many other benefits to using LED RGB and RGBW flood lighting that can help you add a touch of color to your lighting while enjoying the advantages that LED lighting has to offer.

Applications Of RGB and RGBW Flood Lighting

While you may only think that colored lighting and effects are going to be useful for big events or presentations, there are many other ways in which you can utilize this highly-effective lighting solution. RGB and RGBW lighting are certainly are popular for large events, but other areas such as gardens, pools, restaurants, and many more can benefit from installations that will add flair and style to any space.

Wherever you may have the need for LED flood lights, you can add RGB and RGBW flood lighting to enhance and customize the experience. You can choose from millions of color patterns, and the ability to uniquely use them for your own specific needs puts you in full control.

Customize Your Lighting With Ease

Your new RGB and RGBW flood lighting can be controlled either from a desktop or mobile device. Using the software, or an application, you will instantly have full control of the colors and more. With RGB and RGBW flood lighting, you can customize various elements such as sequences and patterns on a timer to creates a truly unique display.

Depending on the type of lighting that you choose, you could have more or fewer customization options, however, the lighting can be designed to your unique specifications to ensure it satisfies your needs. With RGB and RGBW flood lighting you can put on an amazing show, highlight an important area of your property, enhance the facade of your building and improve the ambiance at your event, all from the palm of your hand.

Grab People’s Attention

For anyone throwing large events, either indoors or outdoors, that wants to stand out from the crowd, RGB and RGBW flood lighting are the ideal lighting solution. When you install RGB and RGBW flood lighting you can create whatever colors you need to tie in perfectly with your surroundings, your theme, or your branding. Wow the crowd with amazing sequences and displays of color, and keep them captivated and enthralled.

RGB and RGBW flood lighting can also be used in many other ways, such as at an outdoor fountain, illuminating the water in various colors as an entertainment or aesthetic feature. These lights are designed to attract and draw people in, and with the right setup, RGB and RGBW flood lighting will help you to gain more attention, highlighting what you need to put to the fore to succeed.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

RGB lighting has been around for many years, but older technology uses a lot of electricity which is detrimental to the health of the planet and the well-being of the environment. It is more important than ever to be environmentally conscious these days, and upgrading to LED RGB and RGBW flood lighting will help you to take the first positive steps toward a greener future. Installing LED lighting means you use less electricity and you will be throwing out far fewer burnt-out bulbs which often end up in landfill, contributing to the ongoing issue of waste.

With the world making strides towards a greener and healthier future for future generations, it is up to every individual and business to do their part now. Switching to LED lighting is will reduce your overall impact on the environment and lowering your carbon footprint, while still giving you the amazing color choices that you need to shine!

Reduce Your Power Bills

Whether you are a large corporation or a private individual, everyone likes to save on their power bills every month. Running older, inefficient RGB lighting can become extremely expensive with the electricity they use. There are also the replacement bulbs you will have to go through that need to be considered. When you switch to LED RGB and RGBW flood lighting you will see an immediate impact, on your monthly bills.

LED lighting is also designed to last much longer than any other type of light on the market, contributing to more savings for you over time. When you can get tens of thousands of running hours out of a single light, you can be sure that these savings will mean an increase in revenue for your organization.

Built to Last

One of the best things about LED RGB and RGBW flood lighting is the extreme durability of this lighting solution. The latest technology has made LED flood lights better able to stand up to the elements and accidental damage that can occur. These lights can deal with extreme cold and heat with ease and are built to withstand things like accidental drops or bumps without breaking. All of this means less expense for you related to maintenance, upkeep, and replacement parts over time saving you time and money.

Add A Touch Of Style Anywhere You Need

There are many different advantages to using RGB and RGBW flood lighting at your event, public space, business, entertainment venue, or even in your private residence. RGB and RGBW flood lighting will allow you to save money, help the environment, display your unique sense of style, and much more when you install this highly effective and efficient lighting solution. To find out more about how you can utilize LED RGB and RGBW flood lighting for your unique needs, get in touch with our team at IShineLUX today.

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