Soccer is a sport that is played and revered by millions of people across the globe. From local competitions to international tournaments, the game of soccer engages a fan following like no other. Thousands of people come to stadiums to view the matches and two watch two teams battle it out to win. Soccer, is more than just a game. For fans of the game, it is a much-valued relationship with their team of choice. The teams have followers across the globe and inspire millions of people over the world. With the growing popularity of this sport, there are numerous soccer fields that have been popping into existence in various places. The lighting in these fields is key as it defines both the user experience and the overall playability inside the stadium. The stadium has to have reliable lighting in order to be fully provide an excellent experience to many. Safety can also be a major concern if the stadium is not lit properly, for both the players and the attendees. During night time, poorly lit conditions can be a source of trouble to many players who can injure themselves on the field. Poorly lit stadium stands can also lead to many robberies because any people are able to take advantage of the dark in order to steal. Thus, due to these reasons, proper lighting is necessary to make your soccer field a success! It can make or break your investment.

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IShinelux LED Lighting Technology

Shenzhen IShinelux Technology provides superior quality flood lights for soccer fields that are certified according to global standards. It is very important that you purchase reliable lighting solutions for your field/stadium and that is exactly what we’re here to offer! With our unwavering commitment to quality and to bringing you the best possible lighting solutions, your lighting needs are in excellent hands. The installation of flood lights for soccer fields or stadiums can have numerous benefits for the players and fans. The benefits of appropriate lighting conditions include security of people inside the stadium, having the flexibility of planning times for matches and improving the overall experience of both the fans and the players.

At Shenzhen IShinelux Technology, we pride ourselves upon our extensive ongoing research to provide our clients with the best possible lighting solutions. We hold numerous patents over our proprietary designs for flood lights for soccer stadiums. This is due to the fact that we are aiming to provide unbeatable lighting quality. Our flood lights for soccer stadiums have an in-house warranty as the customers satisfaction is our top priority. With our inhouse talented design and research team, we are able to bring out the most efficient lighting solutions for very affordable prices.

After the installation of the lights, equal lighting is distributed amongst the players and the fans. The aim is to provide adequate lighting to enable people to see clearly during night time. Harsh lighting ruins the overall experience for both players and the teams. Players have some lights aimed towards the field, which enables them to see clearly across the field and to play at their absolute best. Spectators are able to see their surroundings easily and can view the gameplay on the field at any particular time with ease. Thus, it is extremely important to pick the proper flood lights for soccer stadiums in order to facilitate the success of the overall stadium/fields. Here are some of the considerations that have to be taken in place.

  • Making sure that the angle of the beam is perfect.
    Dispersion of light across the field is also highly dependent upon appropriate installations to select the appropriate beam angle. A narrow beam angle would provide a low light uniformity. However, if there is a wide beam angle, you are able to achieve a high regularity of light. Thus, it is very important to have proper beam angles in place to get the maximum out of your lights and to have a balance of light in the stadium. This balance is absolutely necessary to avoid harsh lighting conditions.
  • Choosing premium quality lights.
    It is extremely important to opt for lighting that is reliable and can easily provide enough light brightness to fulfill all of your lighting needs. Some lights heat up their area of light immensely and it is always a good idea to for lighting that provides a temperature that is cool to the soccer field. It would also be immensely bad if the lights are not reliable and go out in the middle of the match. This would just cause panic and wreak havoc amongst the crowd and the players. This can lead to very dangerous situations. With our lighting solutions at Shenzen IShinelux Technology, you will have access to state of the art, premium quality lighting with a fixed warranty. Our customers can rest easy knowing that they’ve chosen the most reliable and effective LED soccer lights available on the market. Our high-quality LED lights have uniform brightness, low heat generation and they do not emit light at a full 360 degrees similar to those of fluorescent lamps. You should be able to control where you want the lighting to be focused on.
  • Making sure that the lights are waterproof
    It is understood that if lights are required for outdoors, that the lights should be waterproof for safety reasons. Our stadium lights are IP65 rated, and have a rubber ring that is waterproof present on the inner portion of the lens. It also has a connector that is waterproof on the outside of the lights. Protecting the PSU is also very important, our lights have a protective cover on the outside that is waterproof.
    The lifespan and efficiency of LED lights for soccer fields are dependent upon numerous factors. One of the most important factors is that the lights you select should be waterproof. Due to the fact that the sport is played outdoors and that it can rain at any time of the day, it is crucial that you select lights which are reliable and waterproof. There are numerous companies out there with lighting solutions however there are also some who provide lights that aren’t waterproof. With our proprietary design, we have ensured that the casing of the lights prevents the water from coming inside the light and stopping its function. Thus, this important factor should not be neglected, all of these LED lights for soccer fields should be able to undergo harsh weather conditions with ease.
  • Take dissipation of heat into consideration
    One of the most common issues for flood lights for soccer stadiums is that they stop functioning properly because of overheating. The flood lights for soccer stadiums should be built in a way that can easily allow for proper ventilation into the system in order to prevent overheating. Many led lights for soccer fields do not take heat dissipation into account and this can dramatically shorten the lifespan of the lighting. Aluminum led lights for soccer fields are always a good option, since it has the highest conductivity rate.
  • Take glare ratings into consideration
    Many people often neglect the glare ratings of led lights for soccer fields whilst choosing appropriate lighting. This can be an immense drawback because too much glare can be a cause for concern for all parties involved. It causes significant discomfort visually to both the fans and the players. Having a large amount of glare is not fruitful towards the experience of the game. Thus, our uniformity lens is imperative in this regard, it can easily concentrate the beam of light to the required location. This furthermore enables you to prevent the leakage of light, thus resolving the common problem of pollution of led lights for soccer fields to the neighbors.
  • Optimum radiator
    The radiator is responsible for transferring heat to the heat sink to reduce the temperature at the junction. It is critical to keep the temperature of the lamp low to increase the lifespan of the lights and to reduce maintenance costs in the long run.
  • Warranty
    Even though our LED lights do not need a warranty, we include a warranty for each light. This is to provide some level of reassurance to the customers that they have support. Our warranty is based in house, we do not outsource our repairs making us all the more quality conscious. Our talented team of engineers are at your disposal, should the need ever arise.
  • Our products are DLC listed
    The benefit of buying a product that is DLC listed is that it has undergoing various amounts of testing to make sure that it meets a specific standard. You are also able to qualify for a rebate from your utility companies.
  • Accessories for Installation
    These stadium lighting devices require specific accessories needed for installation. These accessories are required to fix the light in certain positions, i.e. the angle of illumination must be decided beforehand. There are instances where the beam angle is not satisfactory, and it requires a rotating or U bracket. We offer all installation accessories for your many needs. Our accessories are of extremely good quality as we understand that they are there to protect the safety of our led lights for soccer fields.
  • Good Quality Lens
    It is our very prerogative to come up with lighting solutions for the developing market demands. It is very important to pick lights with good quality lenses. Our lights offer broad beam angles which facilitates light uniformity and increases overall lighting efficiency. Our narrow beam angle also increases light concentration if needed. With our luminous efficiencies, you are easily able to broadcast on live TV to capture the rapid movement that the sport of soccer has. Players kick the ball in numerous directions and it should be very easy to visually capture all movement.

Soccer fields and stadiums have benefited a lot from opting for our lighting system. They have improved the security of the fans and players. Moreover, the neighbors and the business around the stadiums have benefited. But when planning to install the lights, please ensure that you consult the neighboring community to make sure that they are not bothered by the installation.


While on the lookout for appropriate lighting solutions, it is always very important to take into consideration the local lighting codes. You can find those out by contacting an electrician or by reaching out to us.  They type of lighting needed varies depending upon the field size and the crowd capacity in that stadium. Thus, all factors need to be taken into consideration before purchasing your lights.

Installation of soccer field LED lighting requires the lights to be mounted on poles properly. It is always recommended to use steel poles that are galvanized and good quality assemblies for mounting. For mounting two fixtures, you would need a cross arm with a light angle for the pole. There are also more options available for 3 or 4 lights on poles. It is recommended that a distance of 20 feet from the sideline should be kept for safety purposes. Glare should be minimized for the spectators by adjusting the mounted height. By controlling the amount of light that overflows outside the stadium, you would be able to reduce complaints of surrounding neighbors. All this requires proper installation by selecting the appropriate height. You would also be able to save a lot on electricity by running the lighting efficiently. The electrical components and ballasts should be kept inside enclosures made of aluminum, above the ground by at least 10 feet. Installing a safety disconnect is also crucial.  


Nothing signifies disaster than your team playing in their home under lights that are flickering. If your match is being streamed live, TV companies also require appropriate lighting for streaming the match in good quality. Their requirement is to have a bright stadium with reliable lighting. Typical soccer stadium lights use a lot of electricity and are highly inefficient. With our focus on research and development alongside our strict quality assurance processes, we ensure that we provide our customers with reliable, robust and highly efficient lighting products. By choosing our products, you will save a ton of money on electricity and also on maintenance! We offer in house warranties for your reassurance!


Metal Halide lights utilize an alternating current (AC) Power source which produces a discharge arc by illuminating the products discharged in a mixture of vapors of mercury and a flood light bulb made of metal halide. The features of this type of light include having a concentrated light which illuminates a long distance, has high power of penetration and an affordable price. It has the features of small light emitting area, relatively concentrated light, long lighting distance, strong penetrating power, and low price. A lamp that is 60-watts shall give an output of roughly eight hundred lumens from each lamp. Although the requirement of lumens for most commercial and residential applications is roughly between 700-5000, stadium lights require and can provide an output of up to 15,000/16,000 for each lamp. This makes stadium lights appropriate for use in warehouses, factories and large stadiums where a large amount of light is required.

Thus, in earlier times all the stadiums and other sports related arenas utilized metal halide flood light. Nowadays, the trend is shifting towards utilizing LED stadium lights however the progress is relatively slow. There is a lot of evidence that shows that traditional laminations cannot be utilized due to:

  • Consumption of power: The metal halide bulb typically has a very high consumption of wattage and requires a high current to operate. It also requires a large amount of current whilst starting. The ballast is also the cause of high energy consumption. All in all, these lights have a very high consumption.
  • It is important to take into consideration the quality of the visual brightness. Color rendering index is key, since the higher it is, the more visual clarity is achieved. However using metal halide lamps, you will experience fatigue visually since it is RA 65. This is a very low color rendering index and is not suitable nowadays.
  • Ultraviolet light is very damaging to the human eye and also to our skin. It causes numerous people eye diseases and cancers of the skin.  Traditional metal halide lamps have a high content of ultra violet lights (34%) and thus these lights are an immense safety hazard. Long term exposure can cause serious damage to an individual.
  • When the metal halide is turned on, it takes quite a while to start (15-30 minutes) During this time, a lot of energy is wasted. If there is a power surge or failure, we have to wait another 10 minutes before we can restart the 15-30-minute process of turning it on or otherwise risk the lights burning out. This is very cumbersome and can cause a lot of trouble in case of a power failure during a sports event.
  • Due to them not being uniform in nature, the metal halide bulbs cause refractions of light which ultimately cause glare. Glare is extremely detrimental as it causes visual fatigue and ruins the entire experience. Thus, these metal halide bulbs have an extreme tendency to cause glare.
  • The strobe light is often referred to as the “killer that cannot be seen” of the environments lighting. It is the major cause of fatigue and dizziness. The human eye is very sensitive to light flashes and this strobe light can cause serious damage. Thus, utilization of these lights is no longer feasible.

Thus, due to all the reasons mentioned above, the metal halide bulbs are no longer suitable for use. They can be extremely detrimental to the human health and can cause significant damage. Luckily, at Shenzhen IShinelux Technology, we have focused our research upon creating efficient LED lights that remove all these drawbacks. The industry is not gravitating towards modern forms of efficient lighting and we are aiming to lead the revolution. With our inhouse research and testing we are able to create custom designs which are efficient in nature and offer more forms of control flexibility to the customers. The decay of light for traditional flood lights begins after a year or two’s use and then it starts accelerating. This drop in lumens causes lighting to be insufficient and therefore is very detrimental to the game experience. Poor lighting conditions emphasize that the movements cannot be clearly captured by neither the human eye nor the television recording cameras. Imagine the referee making the wrong decision due to insufficient lighting! The crowd would go insane and the crowd would be extremely frustrated. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to ensure that the lighting installed is robust, reliable and efficient.


The trend is moving towards holding more sports events in the evening. Therefore, there is also a huge demand for soccer stadium event lighting. The requirement for lighting varies from sport to sport. Football and tennis may require a different type of lighting as compared to soccer. It is imperative to understand which sort of lights are needed. This leads us to a question that has most of people scratching their heads with confusion, should they buy stadium spot lights or stadium flood lights?

Luckily with our years of experience in this field, we are well versed in choosing the right lights and can definitely recommend lights based on your type of requirement. The primary difference between flood lights and spot lights is the angle of the beam. It all depends upon what type of lighting you want to achieve, where you’re placing your poles and how well can a certain type of beam angle illuminate the area that you require. Call us to discuss your requirement and our experts would love to recommend some of our products to you! You can reach out to us by calling us at 86-0755-29815402 or emailing us at [email protected]. Let the experts handle it for you and make the right choice by choosing our high-quality products.