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What happened on Chinese Lunar Aug 15th?

As a saying goes, there is no full moon all the time as the changeable weather.

Every the 15th monthy is the good day for Chinese Lunar Calendar because there is a very round and light moon hanging in the sky , which means life of people is satiafactory and happliness. Whatsmore, some of Chinese would like to consectare the Buddha for future good health and luck in that day .

Speak of that , do you know what history is the ancient history ? What happened before? Below is a fairy tale for understanding:

Long long ago, there were nine sun in the sky ,people was too hot to live neither the plants nor animals. In order to fight for people to ensure the world peace as usual , a brave man named Hou Yi took the BOW and ARROW to shot the surplus sun instesd of his life, but stronger willpower won the victory finally , then the godness sent one precious elixir to him as an award . However, our hero loves his wife very much so Chang E took the pill as her husband asked, unfortunately, the effect after tooking the piller made Chang E couldn’t stay the earth too long for lacking of gravity, thus , Chang E must fly to the moon for living. Finally, the day of 15th in Aug Chang E left HouYi  stands the miss of the best family .

Moved story touched our heart , for better keep the power of this matter, Ishinelux special designed A Moon Floodlight to warm the people couldn’t get together with their familiy for busy working , may every woker outside still has the feeling of home.

More details , pls inquiry :[email protected] , chance once , miss never!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !

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