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How to debug the solar street light after installation

time:2022-03-16 Views:422

Now solar road is widely used in our daily life. Its appearance has replaced the traditional electric street lamp and saves more resources. So do we know how to debug the solar street lamp? Please follow the LED street lamp manufacturers. Let's find out together.

The main need is to carry out detailed debugging of the control system of solar street lamps. For this kind of equipment that can be illuminated in different seasons, its light source opening and closing control requirements and changes in natural climate have a similar situation. For example, when using solar street lights in summer, the controller will turn off the street lights when the day is just bright, and once it is night, it will turn on the lights on time at the set time. It is precisely because of the existence of the program of the time-controlled switch that the solar control system will show such an important effect.


In addition to the control system, solar street lights are also a kind of lighting equipment that is extremely efficient in practical application, and the use of it also has certain requirements for the duration of battery power. When the charging operation of the battery is completed, or it may be that it can no longer generate electricity, a control system inside the solar street light will issue a closed command to it in time, so that the battery can be maintained under a stable voltage support. It will not easily cause damage to the automated control.

Of course, the debugging of solar street lights is not limited to the above two points, but from the perspective of practical application and safety protection requirements, only the above debugging work can ensure that the street lights can maintain a stable condition during use.


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