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Why product customization?

You may find that it is becoming more difficult to provide your customers with LED products of unique features and can differentiate with other players and keep your competitiveness in the increasingly competitive LED market nowadays. Your market share might be gradually effected, decreased and finally lose your channels which was built in the last decades

With iShineLux product customization service, you can keep your leading position in the lighting industry by providing your customers with high performance vs price ratio LED product which enjoys unique appearance and exclusive supply.

What is include in iShineLux's customized LED product

Product Range:

  • Sports and high mast light: 200-1500watt

  • Flood light: 10-400watt

  • Tunnel light: 50-600watt

  • UFO high bay light: 50-1000watt

  • Street light: 30-240watt

  • Others

Product Applications:

  • Baseball Field, Basketball Court, Cricket Ground, Golf Field, Football Stadium, Soccer Field, Tennis Court

  • Airport, Bridge, Wharf, Tower Crane, Tunnel

  • Resident Home, Garden, Park, Commercial Building, Garage

  • Warehouse, Logistic Center, Shopping Mall, Factory, Cold Storage

  • Street and Roadway, Billboard, Parking Lot

  • Landscape and Others

Special Features:

  • Smart Control: DMX512, Dali, ZigBee

  • Wide input voltage range: 180-528V/254-747V

  • High CRI: CRI>95, TLCI>95, R9>90

  • Operation Temperature: -45°-+65°C

  • Beam Angle: narrow angle and asymmetrical angle

  • Live Broadcast: Flicker free

  • Fixture Color: RGW and RGBW

  • Dimming Function: 1-10V, 0-10V, 10V PWM signal and resistance

  • Sensor: infrared, photocell, microwave

  • IP67, IK10 and 10 years warranty

LED driver and chip options

Led chip and driver are the two key components of any LED fixtures and it ensure the product life time and luminous flux, therefore we are choosing the most reputable brand led chip and drivers

  • LED driver: Mean Well, Inventronic, Sosen and etc.

  • LED chips: Cree, Lumileds, Osram, Citizen, Nichi and etc.

How fast iShineLux can give the answers

iShineLux will give official feedback within 3 working days after collecting all required information from customers

It normally take 2 weeks for product drawing and electrical design, 4 weeks molding for housing and 4 weeks for lens. The whole process will require 1.5-2 month depending on the specific product requirement.

What are you waiting for?

Email us at or give us a call: +86-755-29815402 you will get incredible answer!

Why choosing iShineLux?

Shenzhen iShineLux Technology Co., Ltd is one of recognized globally as one of the most competitive and successful LED light fixtures companies. Our business model enables us to capture the most valuable part of the value chain while minimizing our production cost and differentiate with other companies. Most importantly, it allows us to control and reinforce the quality of our product throughout the value chain. From the beginning of our existence nearly 10 years ago, iShineLux has held product quality as our top priority.

From 2015- launched our first private mold light fixtures “Diamond” flood light to SKYWING series high power sports and high mast light, our 5/7 years product quality guarantee is a testament to our commitment to quality. Ahead of the original plan, iShineLux have accumulatively developed 10 private mold LED light fixtures until 2019 and will launch 5 new products later this year.

Our cut-edge R&D capability and relationship with TUV Rhineland are at the foundation of our long term competitive advantage and commitment to provide customers of your caliber the best product at the most competitive price. 

Heatsink/Housing technology:

Our customers are from all over the world which include countries in tropical and cold regions, choosing the right heatsink technology and material will enable us to provide the qualified product without over or under the actual application requirement.


Model No.

Aluminum Purity

Thermal Conductivity

Die Casting




Aluminum Extrusion




Cold Forging




How to start the conversation

Step 1: Please provide the your company background and presentation for our evaluation

Step 2: Please provide your specific requirement for the product technical datasheet

Step 3: Please provide your estimated quantities for the following years

Step 4: Please provide your target price

Step 5: Fill product customize development sheet provided by iShineLux

Do I need to pay?

The purpose of iShineLux’s product customization is to service and help our customer keep or build the leading position in their area coverage of lighting industry. We have couple of options which are very flexible and ensure our consistent and permanent collaboration with global customers.


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