Stadium Light

  • Modular design: easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Rotatable module: each module can be rotated by ± 30°
  • Spill Shield: reduces the light pollution
  • Symmetrical: 10°/ 25°/ 45°/ 60° / 90°, Asymmetrical: 130°*30°*60°,65°*60°*25°
  • Remote Control Gear: separate the driver and fixture

High Mast Light

  • Handle Bar: Easy For Installation & Carry
  • Double Surge Protection: Driver & Extra 10KV SPD
  • Spill Shield: Reduces Light Pollution
  • Die-Casting Aluminum Arm & Bracket

Low Glare UFO High Bay

  • Unique elegant design in appearance, perfectly to replace MH&HPS High Bay
  • Integrated AL reflector and optical design, achieves low glare
  •  Incorporates rotating carving technology into the heat sink, 1070AL with 99% purity, thermal conductivity 236W/(m*k)@25℃
  • Cavity structure, removes heat from inside of the heat sink.
  • High luminous efficacy: 150lm/W, 170lm/W

UFO High Bay Lights

  • Smart lighting control options: PIR sensor, Microwave sensor, Zigbee etc
  • Hollow design, maximizes heat dissipation
  • High luminous efficacy: 140-150lm/W, 190lm/W

High Power Floodlight

  •  Cold Forging Technology with AL1070, Thermal Conductivity 236W/m*25℃
  •  4mm thickness arm & brackets, anti-typhoon rating 17
  • External 10KV SPD, provide extra surge protection
  • Racked Angle allows for precise installation, up to 180°

Some Projects We Supported

Football Court Project

  • Location: UAE
  • Product Model: SKYWING IV 400W
  • QTY: 88 PCS
  • COD: May, 2019

Parking Lot

  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Product Model: Dimond Floodlight 200W
  • QTY: 150PCS
  • COD: Dec, 2018

Swinming Pool Lighting

  • Location: Mexico natatorium
  • Product Model: NOVA Floodlight 200W
  • QTY: 26PCS
  • COD: May, 2020

Supermarket Project

  • Location: Thailand
  • Product Model: Elegant II UFO High Bay light 150W
  • QTY: 2270PCS
  • COD: April, 2020

Warehouse Project

  • Location: Sri Lanka
  • Product Model: Elegant I UFO High bay Light 150W
  • QTY: 600PCS
  • COD:Dec, 2019

RGBW Project

  • Location: China
  • Product Model: RGBW Floodlight Small Angle 150W
  • QTY: 720PCS
  • COD: June, 2020

Garden Light project

  • Location: Malaysia
  • Product Model: SKYWING I 400W
  • QTY: 56 PCS
  • COD: July, 2019


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From the beginning of our existence nearly 10 years ago, iShineLux has held product quality as our top priority. From 2015- launched our first private light fixtures “Diamond” floodlight to SKYWING series high power sports and high mast light, our 5/7 years product quality guarantee is a testament to our commitment to quality. Ahead of the original plan, we have developed 10 private mold LED light fixtures until 2019 and will launch 5 new products later this year.

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