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How to reduce the production cost of solar street lights Assumption

time:2022-03-09 Views:16

If there is no reasonable planning, then it may not be able to achieve the end of energy saving, and the effective cost reduction will allow LED street lamp manufacturers to carry out production in a larger plan. It is even more essential. Green lighting not only improves road lighting, but also promotes road lighting renovation. These directly select the number of choices, especially in the case of the road, if you calculate 1 cm less, the city will buy more solar street lights, so we are placing solar street lights in the project. further growth. First of all, the installation method of solar street lights needs to pay attention to its rationality. Don't blindly think that simply assembling the components is the installation, but also understand that other issues such as distance selection and viewpoint selection must be considered. Reasonable equipment planning can reduce lighting costs.

How to reduce the repair rate of solar street lights? How to check the products?


1. Periodically check whether the solar LED light is normal.

2. Check whether the damage of the battery and the use time are intact.

3. Check whether the whole lamp body is damaged by leakage current.

4. Pay attention to waterproofing, especially batteries and LED lights.

We need to check the above 4 conditions frequently, we can effectively prevent the occurrence of major street lamp accidents, and the repair cost of small problems is also very low. If there is a major problem, repair the minor, or even replace the street light.


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