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Introduction to common faults of solar street lights and their solutions

time:2022-03-17 Views:75

Now, do we know the shortcomings of the solar green light manufacturers used in our daily life? I believe that we are not so understanding, please follow the solar LED street light manufacturer Xiaobian to find out.

1. Disadvantages of battery

The lighting time of solar high pole lights becomes shorter, especially in rainy days, the lack of lights, and the battery energy storage deteriorates, which may be caused by the shortcomings of the battery. Just replace the battery with a new one to deal with the problem.


2. The problem of light source

That is to say, there are quality problems in the light source of the high pole lamp itself, such as weak welding or defects in the lamp head, etc. The existence of these problems will affect the application effect of the lamp.

3. Line problems

The circuit of the lamp is in poor contact, so the performance of the lamp will definitely be affected, or even unusable, just repair the broken circuit to prevent the problem from occurring.

Fourth, the whole light is not on

Check the controller of the lamp, if the controller enters the water, the lamp will not light. If the controller is normal, check whether the battery has voltage, no voltage or the voltage is lower than the standard standard, so the lamp can't work normally. Just replace the battery board and you're good to go.


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