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What are the common ways to dissipate heat from solar street lights?

time:2022-03-15 Views:26

Solar street lights are also widely used in our daily life, so do you know what are the common heat dissipation methods of solar street lights? Please follow the solar LED street light manufacturer Xiaobian to find out.

1. Heat sinks for heat dissipation: Some street lamps are equipped with heat sinks to dissipate heat, but the weight is too large and the risk increases. In case of hurricanes, earthquakes, etc., accidents may occur;

2. Heat dissipation of the heat-conducting plate: The heat generated by the solar street lamp is emitted to a conductor, and the heat is exported out of the lamp head through the muon, so as to emit the heat. The conductor is generally a copper plate with a thickness of 5mm, which is actually a temperature equalizing plate, which equalizes the heat source and increases the heat dissipation area;

3. Needle heat dissipation: The heat dissipation power of the needle heat sink is greatly improved than that of the traditional sheet heat sink, which can make the LED junction temperature more than 15 ℃ lower than that of the general heat sink, and the waterproof performance is better than that of the general aluminum radiator. , along with improvements in weight and volume.


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