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Introduction to the working principle and advantages of solar LED street lights

time:2022-03-18 Views:47

Now, do you understand why we use LED street lights in our daily life? I believe that most areas in my country use LED street lights, so please follow the LED street light manufacturers to find out.

1. Protect your eyes

LED street light fixtures use LED constant current operation, which directly converts alternating current into direct current, effectively reduces LED light decay, starts quickly, has no flicker, and protects eyes.


2. No Mosquito Trouble

LED street lights do not emit ultraviolet light, infrared light and other radiation, there will be no mosquitoes coiling around the light source, no harmful substances such as mercury, and less heat.

3. Less fever

LED street lamps do not generate a lot of thermal energy like traditional lamps, but convert all electrical energy into light energy, without causing waste of energy.

4. No noise

LED street lamps do not produce noise, and are the most ideal choice for occasions where fine electronic instruments are used.

5. Environmentally friendly lamps

Unlike traditional fluorescent lamps, LED street lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor. If the mercury vapor is broken, it will volatilize into the atmosphere. The LED lamp tube does not use mercury at all, and the LED street lamp product does not contain lead, which has a protective effect on the environment.

6. Sturdy and reliable

The LED street light body itself is made of epoxy resin instead of traditional glass, which is more sturdy and reliable. Even if it is hit on the floor, the LED will not be easily damaged and can be used with confidence.

7. Good versatility

The appearance and size of LED street lamps are the same as those of traditional fluorescent lamps, which can replace traditional lamps.

8. Voltage adjustable

LED street lamps can be lit within a certain designed voltage, while traditional fluorescent lamps are lit by the high voltage released by the rectifier, so they cannot be lit when the voltage drops.


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