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Analysis of the status quo and development prospects of LED high bay lights

time:2021-06-17 Views:

LED energy-saving high bay light, using imported LED chip package single high-power LED as the light source, using a unique multiple integrated IC integrated single-point touch light source design, using imported high-brightness semiconductor material chip, high thermal conductivity, low light loss, light Pure color, no double shadow and other characteristics.

Its unique heat dissipation design scheme is highly integrated with the household appliance box, and the heat can be transferred and diffused reasonably, thereby reducing the temperature of the lamp body, and reasonably ensuring the service life of the light source and the switching power supply. The surface of the radiator is anodized to prevent corrosion. The structure is compact and beautiful. It meets the IP65 standard and has good anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and anti-fouling properties. LED industrial and mining lamps have significant environmental protection and energy saving effects. The use of high-power LED light sources is equipped with imported high-efficiency switching power supplies. Compared with high-pressure sodium lamps, it can be environmentally friendly and energy-saving by over 50%. It also uses a constant current source to operate with a constant current source, and a wide working voltage (AC85V-269V) can be used to get rid of the power grid, noise pollution and unstable lighting effects caused by electronic ballasts, and prevent the irritation of the eyes during work. Sex, fatigue.


LED industrial and mining lighting fixtures always use LED as the light source, which has many advantages compared with ordinary lighting fixtures. Needless to say, green and environmental protection, its accuracy and long life are also in line with everyone's application thinking.

In the first two years, LED lighting fixtures have achieved rapid progress in commercial and industrial applications, but following the advancement of professional skills, today's LED lighting fixtures have begun to set foot in the scope of home furniture lighting, and have achieved very good results.

Nowadays, there are several key factors that prevent LED lighting products from entering large-scale civilian shopping malls: on the one hand, due to social development, the recognition of LED professional skills and products is still in the initial stage, relevant authoritative expert survey reports show that my country is generally Customers can understand that the market share of LED bulbs is only 25%, and the LED lighting fixtures must be all over the place. It is still important to improve customer recognition.

On the other hand, because LED lighting is more expensive than traditional lighting products, most individual users will see short-term cost benefits, and it is not easy to put the economic benefits of long-term environmental protection and energy saving in the first place. Therefore, the penetration rate of LED lighting fixtures has never been perfect.

In order to improve the wetting rate of LED lighting fixtures, it is necessary to start from these two levels. In addition to all the LED expertise and the use of professional skills to promote production, the main force has gradually reduced the price of LED lighting fixtures, thereby promoting the application worldwide.


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