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How does the integrated street light work

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 Integrated street lamp is one of the street lamp products, and it is also a relatively new type of product. Compared with ordinary street lamps, it has a higher degree of integration. So, how does the integrated street light work? We can take a look at the detailed introduction below.

 The integrated street lamp is converted into electric energy by solar panels, and then the lithium battery in the integrated solar street lamp is charged. In the daytime, even in cloudy days, this solar generator (solar panel) collects and stores the required energy, and at night actively supplies power to the LED lights of the integrated solar street light to achieve night lighting. Together, the integrated solar street light has PIR human body induction Function, it can realize the infrared induction control light work form of the intelligent human body at night. It is 100% bright when there are people. When there is no one, it will automatically change to 1/3 of the brightness after a certain time delay, which intelligently saves more energy. At the same time, solar energy, as a kind of "inexhaustible and inexhaustible" safe, environmentally friendly new energy, has played an important role in integrated solar street lights.

How does the integrated street light work(图1)

  Solar integrated street lamp/yard lamp is an integrated solar product. The precise shape combines the best green energy combination (solar panel, super bright semiconductor LED light source, lithium iron phosphate battery). Equipped with human body intelligent induction system, it realizes low power consumption, long time, high brightness, and 8-year life span without protection.


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