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How is the price of high pole lights affected?

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With the continuous development of the city, more and more places need to use this product of high pole light. Customers who want to buy this product naturally want to know its price. And we all know that the price of high-pole lights will be affected by some factors. Below, professional manufacturers of high-pole lights will give a detailed introduction. Let's take a closer look together.

The component elements of the pole body: a 20-meter high pole lamp is usually composed of two sections. First, let's talk about the wall thickness. The wall thickness of the lower section can be 10mm, and the wall thickness of the upper section can be 8mm. Similarly, the lower section can be 6mm, and the upper section can be 5mm. Besides the caliber, the lower caliber of the rod body can be 500mm, and the upper caliber can be 250mm. Similarly, the lower diameter can be 350mm, and the upper diameter can be 150mm. From this, it is not difficult to see that the same height, different wall thickness and diameter will directly affect the final weight. Of course, the higher the weight, the higher the price.

 How is the price of high pole lights affected?(图1)

The quality factor of the light source: the same 500w power LED flood light, the price of Philips is 9,500 yuan/unit, the price of Shanghai Yaming is 2,800 yuan/unit, and the price of small workshop production is 300-600 yuan/unit. It can be seen intuitively that two lamps with different brands, different qualities, but the same power have very different prices. Of course, the same power on the surface does not mean that the actual luminous efficiency can meet the relevant specifications. , Low-priced LED lamps can not match the production quality of big brands in terms of luminous efficacy or service life.


Elements of the lifting system: The biggest difference between the high pole lamp and the general street lamp is that it has a lifting function, which provides a powerful assistance for the daily maintenance of the year, but everything is double-sided, and there are advantages and disadvantages. Although the lifting function of the pole lamp saves a lot of manpower and material resources, it also has certain dangers. Because of the height, if there is a failure-the wire rope is cracked, the instantaneous fall of the lamp panel will directly threaten the life of the operator health.


   There are two types of lifting systems for high pole lights, one is a general lifting system, and the other is a high-end lifting system. The general lifting system does not have any safety protection methods. The high-end lifting system is equipped with a brake device, this function can make the lamp panel of the high pole lamp during the lifting process, such as the wire rope crack, can firmly hold the lamp panel and the pole body together, and will not fall down. It is useful to maintain the health of operators and prevent property damage. Of course, the prices of the two lifting systems are also worlds apart.


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