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How to detect the quality of LED lamp holders

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1. Visual inspection of appearance requirements.

  2. Safety inspections should be carried out in accordance with GB7000.1, GB7000.5, GB19510.1 and corresponding national or foreign standards.

  3, electromagnetic compatibility should comply with the relevant regulations of GB17743 and GB17625.1.

4. The electrical performance of the lamp at an ambient temperature of 25°C±2°C. Connect an AC/DC parameter tester with an accuracy of not less than 0.5 between the stabilized power supply (the same as the nominal frequency of the lamp) and the LED street lamp to make the LED street lamp in In the normal working position, turn on the power supply, adjust the power supply voltage to the rated value (if the lamp is in the nominal power supply voltage range, adjust to the maximum and minimum power supply voltage range respectively), and let the light-emitting diode lamp work for 2 hours, record the power and power factor Numerical value.

How to detect the quality of LED lamp holders(图1)

  5, the protection level should meet the requirements of GB7000.1..

   6. Light attenuation and life test

  ① The aging method of the lamp The aging of the lamp is carried out in an environment without forced ventilation, and the temperature is controlled at 20-30. The lamp is erected according to the normal installation posture, and the power is turned on according to the nominal rated voltage of the lamp or the maximum voltage within the nominal applicable voltage range, and the lamp works at full power. During the aging process, the lamps should be turned off at least twice every 24 hours, with each turn-off time of 25-35 minutes, with an interval of at least 30 minutes. The number of samples shall not be less than 3. During the test, the lamp has to pass or burn out, otherwise it will fail.

The luminous decay life measurement calculation method uses the illuminance method instead of the luminous flux method. The horizontal illuminance value of the central point and axis along the road direction is measured at 2m below the height of the lamp. A total of 5 points are measured, and compared with the initial value of each point, 5 points are obtained The average maintenance value. Between 2000 and 5000 hours, the average maintenance rate is measured every 336 hours; if the lamp still meets the requirements at 5000h, the illuminance value at each point at 2000h is used as the initial illuminance value, and the illuminance value measured every 336h corresponds to the corresponding Compare the initial illuminance values at 2000h to get the average maintenance rate. From the average maintenance rate fitting curve of the above 10 points, the life of the lamp when the average maintenance rate is 75% plus 5000h is the life of the lamp. Choose a street lamp, measure the luminous flux of 0-2000h with the photometric distribution test method, and calculate the luminous flux maintenance rate of 2000h as the calibration value. When measuring illuminance, the ambient temperature should be controlled at 25℃±1 for more than 3 hours.


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