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How to repair high pole lights?

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 1. Before the operation, set a circular line on the scale where the heavy object falls, and the construction unit shall send guards to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering the circular area.

  2. Before the lifting operation, park the vehicle on the road east of the high-pole light and drive away from the gangue well operation area.

  3. The construction personnel must abide by the disposal regulations of the gangue well operation area, and prevent entering the operation area unrelated to their own operation in the machine room.

How to repair high pole lights?(图1)

  4. Before hoisting the high pole lights, the personnel in the winch room and office plane should be evacuated to a safe place. Set up special guards to prevent people and vehicles from entering.

   5. After the hot work is completed, a special person should be supervised. After the operation is completed, confirm that there is no fire hazard before leaving.

   6. The lifting process should be operated by one person, and at least one person should supervise it. Pay attention to meeting at work, do not talk or play casually. Other personnel on the lifting site are not allowed to enter the scale body 15m away from the electric pole. During the lifting process, the operator and supervisor must leave the pole 5m away. If you find a problem, you must deal with it carefully to avoid all kinds of troubles.

  7. The hoisting of the lamp post should be carried out under the command of an experienced engineer. (The hoisting process conforms to the crane operation safety regulations.) The lamp post should be flat until it meets the requirements, and then the flange is fastened with double nuts.


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