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Reasons and solutions for the sudden failure of LED high bay lights

time:2021-06-21 Views:

  1. The light source is broken; when assembling the lamp, the workmanship is not perfect, the lamp and the heat sink cannot be in good contact, and the thermal conductive glue is applied unevenly. In addition, if the quality of the lamp bead itself is poor, it will burn out if it is lit for a long time.


2. The power supply is broken; the power supply problem has caused some manufacturers to buy products at a lower price and use inferior power supplies, and the product quality is unqualified. After prolonged use, the light will burn, the light will flicker or the bulb will light up after a period of time.

Processing method: The patch type can replace the entire light source board, and the high-power integrated type can replace the entire light source. Pay attention to heat conduction. If the power supply is damaged, it can only be replaced with a new power supply. If the light cannot be turned on due to the power supply, the light source should be replaced with a new one.


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