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Specification for protection measures for led street lights

time:2021-06-30 Views:

 On the one hand, urban LED street lights are closely related to the lives of citizens, and their operation directly affects the image of the party and the government. Education must be done to raise the awareness of maintenance personnel on street lamp maintenance and enhance their sense of responsibility. On the other hand, with the accelerated progress of urban street lighting technology and the extensive use of new technologies, maintenance personnel are required to continuously update their maintenance expertise to meet the needs of the work.

The expansion of the city, the increase in the number of street lights and the service area have greatly increased the workload of maintenance personnel. Without increasing the number of personnel, it is necessary to continuously improve and update maintenance equipment to improve work efficiency.

   On the basis of delimiting the street lamp management area, the maintenance responsibility system is implemented at various levels to assign personnel, positions, and responsibilities. Regular inspections and regular maintenance are required. Where problems occur, they will be responsible for finding those who are responsible.

Specification for protection measures for led street lights(图1)

   On the one hand, speed up the formulation of regulatory documents on the management of led street lights to create conditions for legal management; on the other hand, the united urban management department has increased the enforcement of street lights, seriously investigated and dealt with the destruction of street light facilities, and ensured the normal operation of street light facilities.



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