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The characteristics of LED energy-saving high bay light source

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LED industry and mining lamps are one of the main sources of energy saving and reduction of energy consumption in the country. Over the years, LED high bay lights have entered a new stage of upgrading, low-carbon environmental protection has become very important in society, and LED high bay lights happen to have this function. Therefore, it has been vigorously developed, and LED high bay lights will continue to be improved and improved, which is conducive to being well popularized in various fields of social development. The following is a detailed introduction to the characteristics of the LED energy-saving high bay light source:

1. Price: The price of LEDled energy-saving lamps is relatively precious. Compared with fluorescent lamps, the price of a few LEDs can be very similar to the price of a fluorescent lamp. Generally, each group of signal indicators needs to be composed of 300-500 diodes.

2. Working voltage: LED energy-saving lamps use bottom voltage switching power supply. The working voltage of the power supply system is between 6-24V, depending on the product. Therefore, compared with the application of DC high-voltage power supply, it is a safer switching power supply than the application of DC high-voltage power supply, which is especially suitable for public occasions.

3. Reflection time: the reflection time of the fluorescent lamp is ms level, and the reflection time of the LEDled energy-saving lamp is nanosecond level.

4. Efficiency: The kinetic energy consumption is 80% lower than that of fluorescent lamps with the same special effects.

5. Reliability: One hundred thousand hours, the light loss is 50% of the original.

6. Scope of application: not large, each module LED is a 3-5 mm square, so it can be made into various shapes of equipment, and is suitable for volatile natural environments.

The characteristics of LED energy-saving high bay light source(图1)

7. Air pollution: non-hazardous metal material mercury.

8. Application service life: In our large-scale lamps and lanterns shopping malls, LED high bay lamps are actually made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, which can be used for lampshade production. The compressive strength of aluminum alloy profile is relatively high, and the effects of all layers are relatively stable. Therefore, after long-term application, it will not change line and deform. Its surface has undergone high-pressure electrostatic induction electrostatic spray solution. Promote a comfortable grip on the surface of the lamp and a long application life.

9. Safety function: After fully considering the uniqueness of the detailed address of the lamps, when manufacturing LED high bay lights, we will choose a unique explosion-proof overall design and use tempered laminated glass to produce lamps. The cover, coupled with the technical production of aluminum die-casting parts, improves the stability of the output of the LED high bay light, has a certain explosion-proof effect, is very convenient to use, and has high safety performance.


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