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The development direction of the LED street light market under the sluggish conditions

time:2022-03-09 Views:21

With the development of society and the continuous improvement of LED technology, LED street lighting work has successively obtained strong support from the state and local governments, and there will be a rapid growth momentum in the next few years. However, LED street lights on the fast lane and solar insecticidal lamp manufacturers must also clearly see that the demand continues to "pass the barrier" in terms of energy-saving skills, practical applications, environmental protection investment, and price mechanisms.

1. The hidden worries of LED street lamps in the heat of incandescent lamps

Since the beginning of last year, the domestic LED market has suddenly become optimistic, the process of domestic and foreign investment and integration of upstream and downstream enterprises has accelerated, and state-owned capital and private capital have also entered, and the LED lighting industry will usher in a period of rapid development. In the hot situation of LED street lighting, some experts pointed out that when promoting industrial development, we should comprehensively consider the whole and environmental protection, and not just look at one side.

Professionals have criticized that it is now a trend to promote LED street lights in various cities in China. Everyone thinks that it is a new energy-saving technology, but under the same lighting intensity, LED street lights are no more energy-efficient than high-voltage lights. In addition, the specifications of various LED street light factories are very different now, once the protection and replacement will be very troublesome. Since it is not fully standardized like high pressure sodium lamps, replacements are easy to buy when the original bulb fails.

It is understood that at that time, in terms of the application and promotion of LED street lights in my country, because there is no formal standard for LED street lights, several main parameters such as color temperature, color rendering, and glare have not been determined. Relevant data shows that after decades of technology accumulation, the failure rate of existing street lights is about 3%, while the test results of LED street lights are as high as 10% to 20%. In this case, the product technical standards of various manufacturers are not the same, and even the basic technical parameters such as the size of the lamp socket and the approved power are different, which cannot be compatible, and it is difficult to meet the common and efficient processing requirements of urban street lamps. In addition, the high prices given by LED street lamp manufacturers also bring great difficulties to the promotion of LED street lamps. In addition, the lighting standards for LED street lights and the road pavement test method standards for LED street lights have not yet been formulated.

Judging from the current development status, due to the high price of LED street lamps, the initial installation cost is more than 2 times higher than that of traditional street lamps, and LED street lamps rely on the advantages of energy saving, long life, and protection. It will only be revealed after many years that the long economic recovery period has brought certain obstacles to the large-scale market development of LED street lamps.


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