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The reason why the price of LED lighting street lamps is higher than that of traditional lighting la

time:2022-03-07 Views:19

Based on an analysis of the full life cycle benefits of an LED luminaire, compare LED luminaires with radical luminaires with equivalent efficacy. The full-cycle benefits of LED bulbs, LED spotlights, and LED downlights are significantly lower than those of radical lighting, and they already have obvious competitive advantages. The life cycle benefits of LED straight lamps are basically the same as for aggressive lighting. It is expected that next year will show more obvious benefit advantages and realize the promotion of alternative utilization.

In outdoor lighting fixtures, among the LED fixtures used to replace 250W high pressure sodium lamps, the interest rate of LED street lamps and tunnel lamps is lower than the cost of aggressive lighting, and the interest rate difference is about 30%. The competitive advantages of LED street lights and tunnels have emerged.

This has created a huge development prospect for the LED street light market for the development of my country's LED lighting industry. With the continuous advancement of semiconductor lighting technology, the improvement of LED lighting performance and the reduction of costs, China has a huge lighting market size and a solid lighting industry foundation. The prospect of China's LED lighting market will gradually emerge.

1. The huge lighting demand has created a good market prospect for LED lighting

In 2020, the domestic market demand for incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps will reach 1.176 billion and 1.269 billion respectively, and the national lighting demand is huge. The compound growth rate from 2017 to 2020 reached 7.59%. The market demand for straight tube fluorescent lamps is 830 million, the market demand for circular fluorescent lamps is 800 million, and the market demand for halogen tungsten lamps is 755 million.

With the improvement of cost performance, these radical light sources and lamps have become the target replacement market for LED lighting. LED lighting fixtures will gradually enter these market areas, bringing huge market development space for them.

2. A good lighting industry foundation provides a product supply base for the application of domestic LED lighting fixtures

The world's largest manufacturer of street lighting sources and lamps. According to the statistics of China Lighting Association, China's lighting industry has a very solid foundation. In 2010, the national output of incandescent lamps was 3.8 billion, and the output of fluorescent lamps was 6.69 billion, including 1.83 billion straight-tube fluorescent lamps, 1.8 billion circular fluorescent lamps, and 4.43 billion energy-saving lamps. In 2010, the country produced 174 million HID lamps, including 56 million high-pressure mercury lamps, 54 million high-pressure sodium lamps, and 63 million metal halide lamps.

The consumption of lighting lamps is mainly provided by domestic manufacturers, and at the same time. The domestic share of imported products is less than 5%, while nearly 70% of domestic production is imported. A good lighting industry foundation not only provides a reliable product supply for the domestic LED lighting market application, but also provides a good support for the domestic LED lighting industry to improve the cost-effectiveness of LED lighting through scale effects.

3. The advantages of domestic LED lighting throughout the life cycle have begun to take shape

The cost of lamps is the most important factor. The interest in LED lamps consists of two parts, in terms of applications of LED lamps. One is the initial purchase cost of lamps, which depends on the market price of LED lamps; the other is the use cost of lamps, which depends on factors such as lamp life, electricity costs and maintenance costs.

Up to 40 times, the current price of LED lighting is much higher than that of radical lighting. The smallest is also more than 2 times. Depending on the manufacturing process and component prices of LED lighting fixtures, the price of LED lighting fixtures will always be higher than that of aggressive lighting fixtures, but the spread will narrow further. Under the current domestic solar street lighting conditions and electricity price levels, the electricity consumption and maintenance cost of LED lamps are lower than those of radical lamps with the same function.


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