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There are many kinds of street lamps and different styles

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There are many types of street lamps, from the style can be divided into European, modern, classical street lamps, according to the material can be cast iron, cast aluminum, ecological imitation, because solar street lamps are very low voltage, very safe and reliable during use, and the appearance is better than traditional lighting The lights are beautiful in appearance and are loved by people. They are mainly used in outdoor places such as schools, parks, factories, tourist areas, etc. Many customers often do not choose solar street lights when buying solar street lights. In order to help these customers, the following content focuses on the sun Specific details of street lights:

 1. Pay attention to system configuration

   In order to ensure that the street lamp can always maintain stable work during use, it is necessary to make a good street lamp system configuration. When configuring the solar street light system, customers need to consider the selection of solar battery capacity and the design of peak wattage of photovoltaic modules. In addition, we must also consider the normal use of solar street lights in bad weather, mainly to ensure the windproof design of the light pole and the windproof design of the battery module bracket.


  2, guarantee the quality of components

  The influencing factor of street lamp quality is the component quality, and the component quality has a relationship with the manufacturer. First of all, we must understand the components of solar street lights: controllers, batteries, battery panels, light poles, etc. Small manufacturers of these components do not have the strength to produce them. Therefore, the quality of street lights can only be guaranteed by choosing components produced by regular large manufacturers.

   3. Don't be greedy for cheap

Many customers buy low-cost street lights in order to save money. After this kind of purchase, quality problems occur soon after use. Common problems include short lighting time, slick battery capacity, and easy rusting of components, etc., to customers Caused serious losses.

Since customers all want to buy solar street lights, don’t be too economical. Anyone within the budget can try to communicate and buy. Many large manufacturers implement large-volume discounts. Customers can buy together with other customers. This is OK. Save yourself a little money, but don't buy low-priced low-quality street lights just because you save your budget.


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