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Three types of led street lights

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With the development of the era street lamp, it has the characteristics of diversity and beauty. It can combine beautification and lighting into one, so it is also called landscape street lamp. Compared with the past, LED street lights are now used in a wider range of environments, and the design style is more prominent. However, the design style of led street lamps is no different from three major categories, namely modern street lamps, classical street lamps, and European-style street lamps. Let's take everyone to find out, I believe there will always be one you will like!

 One, classical street lamp

   classical street lamps mostly give people a retro feel, because it uses Chinese classical elements, and then uses and changes them on a certain basis. This kind of street lamp is actually similar to palace lanterns, and most of them are modified by the shape of palace lanterns.

  Classical street lamps have a classic beauty. The poles and lamps are all antique. Lamps and lanterns are generally lantern-shaped and can be designed into various lantern shapes. The main colors are jet black and red, and the overall look is very classic.

   is also classical, so this kind of street lamps often appear in more meaningful old towns or tourist attractions, and can also be placed in more classical villa courtyards, which also has a special flavor.

Three types of led street lights(图1)

 Second, modern street lights

   The modern street lamp feels more modern. It no longer designs a lantern shape like a classical street lamp, but uses modern artistic elements and a relatively simple technique to produce a variety of shapes. Most of these shapes are simple and very pleasing to the eye!

  The application range of modern street lights will be more extensive. Various parks, villas, and tourist attractions can be placed, which can also become a scenic line that attracts tourists' attention!

 Three, European style street lights

The design style of    European-style street lamps is derived from some European artistic elements, and then combined with more special expression techniques. Many people feel that European-style street lamps are similar to classical street lamps at first glance, but they won’t think so after knowing the characteristics of the two. Classical street lamps are modified based on ancient Chinese palace lanterns, and European-style street lamps are modified based on European crowns. The two seem to be similar, but in fact there are differences.

  The appearance of the European-style street lamp is also very beautiful, and it also comes with a royal and aristocratic style, which is perfect for installing in the courtyard of a villa!

   The above are the three types of street lamps. The design style of each type will be different, and the scope of application will be somewhat different. Do you feel a little moving when you see it? It is better to take action. If you want led street lights, you can find us Rongyun Lighting. Rongyun Lighting specializes in producing all kinds of street lamps. Regardless of price, quality and reputation, they are worthy of your trust!


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