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What are the advantages of ceramic LED lamp holders

time:2021-07-13 Views:

Ceramic LED lamp holder is a relatively new type of LED lamp holder, and its appearance must be justified. Below, a professional manufacturer gave us a detailed introduction to the advantages of ceramic LED lamp holders. We can learn about it together and see how cost-effective it is.

1. It adopts an integrated design for the entire lamp head. Each module is an independent light source. This design can arbitrarily combine different power and brightness, and because it is independent, part of the failure will not affect The normal work of the lamp holder;

  2. The ceramic materials used are generally very light and thin, which can reduce the resistance of the wind, and then reduce the bearing capacity of the light pole, making such lamps more safe and reliable, and can well protect the personal safety of the user;

What are the advantages of ceramic LED lamp holders(图1)

  3. The ceramic LED lamp holder has the characteristics of high intensity and good light transmission;

  4. The temperature of the ceramic material is very low when it is working, and its heat dissipation performance is excellent, it is not easy to cause the aging and yellowing of the lampshade, and it is used for a long time as new, bringing a new user experience;

  5. Because of its good heat dissipation performance, its service life is quite long, generally 5-10 times that of traditional lamps, which not only eliminates the trouble of frequent replacement, but also saves costs;

   6. The ceramic LED lamp holder has good impact resistance, strong shock resistance, and is not easy to break;

  7. Using intelligent design, it can complete the intelligent control of high-power LED light source;

   8. The ceramic material is very modern, its surface is very bright, and particularly wear-resistant, its physical properties are very stable, it has good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance;

9. It will not fade easily, the quality is very light, and there is no pollution, it will not harm the skin, it protects the health of the family very well, and brings a comfortable feeling of use. The ceramic does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, and it is green and environmentally friendly. .


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