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What are the characteristics of integrated street lights

time:2021-06-16 Views:

 The types of street lamp products are becoming more and more abundant, and integrated street lamps are a relatively new type. So, what are the characteristics of integrated street lights? This requires professional manufacturers to introduce, let's follow the introduction of Yangzhou Duliang Lighting Co., Ltd. to understand it.

1. The integrated design is selected, which is simple, stylish, simple and practical.

   2. Use solar power to save electricity and protect the earth's resources.

What are the characteristics of integrated street lights(图1)

  3. The human body infrared sensor control technology is selected, the lights are bright when people come, and the lights are dark when people go, which extends the lighting time.

  4. Use high-capacity long-life lithium batteries to ensure the product's service life, generally up to 8 years.

   5. No need to pull the wire, the device is extremely convenient.

  6. Waterproof structure, safe and reliable.

  7. It is easier to expand other functions such as timing and voice control.

   8. The modular design concept is selected, which is convenient for installation, protection and maintenance.

   9. The alloy material is selected as the main structure, which has outstanding anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions.


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