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What is the heat dissipation of LED street light

time:2022-03-14 Views:21

LED street lights are widely used in our daily life, so do you know the principle of heat dissipation of LED street lights? Please follow the LED street light manufacturers to understand.


The thermal structure design of the lamp body is a problem that cannot be ignored in the production of LED lamps. LED street light manufacturers know that although the LED is a cold light source and is not a hot body during operation, the resistance heat generated when the current flows through the LED will still cause the lamp body to heat up. To slow down the light decay of the LED and make the LED lamp have a longer service life, the junction temperature of the LED chip must be reduced. To reduce the junction temperature, the temperature of the lamp body must be reduced, and the thermal resistance between the LED chip and the lamp body must be reduced. This requires solving the problem of heat dissipation of LED lamps.


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