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What is the installation method of high bay lights in factory lighting?

time:2021-06-25 Views:

LED high bay light is  a very important type of industrial lighting. Its installation method is flexible, the illuminance is strong, and the illuminance range is wide. It is loved by many manufacturers. The main installation methods of high bay lights are: sidewall, hanging and mobile. Three categories.

Side wall installation: The side wall installation of high bay lights is mainly suitable for some light industry factories. This type of plant has a lower height, a lighter workload and a higher contrast requirement. It belongs to excellent industrial lighting, so side walls need to be installed. The advantage of this installation method is to save energy and achieve maximum lighting requirements with small illuminance.


Suspension installation: The suspension installation of industrial and mining lamps is mainly suitable for the lighting of heavy machinery production workshops. This kind of workshop lighting equipment has a high plant height and requires a variety of lighting equipment, but the requirements for contrast are not very high, which is very different from fine lighting equipment, so it is suitable for hanging installation.

Mobile: High bay lights are very special in mobile applications. This kind of industrial and mining lamp is mainly used in the lighting environment of outdoor factories and mines. Because outdoor lighting, especially in some places with very harsh environments, electrical input is very difficult, mobile high bay lights can make up for this deficiency, and can meet the ideal lighting requirements in this environment.

The above are the three installation or application forms of high bay lights. In short, high bay lights are very important in various industrial lighting. Making full use of the advantages of high bay lights can enable industrial enterprises to save energy and improve work efficiency.


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