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What is the use of the high pole lamp in the lifting mode?

time:2021-07-13 Views:

Customers and friends who know about high-pole lights should find that most high-pole lights nowadays are made into a lifting mode, and they don't know why they need to be made into a lifting mode. Below, the high-pole lamp manufacturers have brought us detailed answers, come to understand and understand together.

What is the use of the high pole lamp in the lifting mode?(图1)

The high pole lamp is made into a lifting mode, which can prevent the intrusion of dust and rain, maintain the lamp, and then increase the service life. The poles and parts are all made of hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment. The rectangular hole at the bottom of the pole is equipped with a lifting mechanism and electrical transmission equipment. The top of the pole is fixed with a pulley block, a travel switch, a hook device, a rain cover, a lightning rod, etc. The lifting system consists of a motor, a worm gear reducer, a pulley block, a gear, a coupling, a drum, a wire rope, etc. It has the advantages of free lifting, stability, safety, and convenient operation.

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