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What parameters should be paid attention to when buying lithium battery solar street lights

time:2021-07-14 Views:

1. System additional voltage

It is also the extra voltage of the battery. The voltage of a single solar cell is generally 0.4~0.7V. The common solar cell module is 36/54/60/72/96 in series, and the voltage is 18/27/30/36. /48 volts or so.

  2, local sunshine radiation

This can be inquired directly on the Internet, select the monthly average radiation amount of the best viewpoint, and the minimum average value of three months is required. At the time of installation, you must also pay attention to the viewpoint and direction of the installation to ensure that the solar street light can withstand enough sunlight To ensure the charging power, according to the detailed environment, the range of ±20° from the south is a better position.


  3, compensation for rainy days

This depends on the local weather conditions. The charging power of the solar battery cover plate is naturally not as good as that of the sunny day in rainy days, so it is necessary to ensure that the battery can store enough power so that the solar street lights can be used normally in rainy days. This will also involve the operating power of the battery panels.

  4, the distance of consecutive rainy days

   is also the number of sunny days between two consecutive cloudy and rainy days. It should be noted here that when calculating the relevant parameters, the average sunshine is generally used as the basis for the supplementary charging of the sunny days. In practice, the amount of sunshine and ground radiation is greater than the uniform sunshine.

And the hours and minutes of rainy days are not completely empty of battery charge, so when calculating the hours and minutes, this parameter should be used, instead of choosing the distance between successive rainy days, the value can be appropriately expanded. A ratio of 1:3 or 1:4 is more appropriate.


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