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What problems should be avoided when installing high pole lights?

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When installing the high pole lights, some customers and friends did not pay attention to some problems, which caused the actual lighting effect to be greatly reduced. This is definitely not what they want to see. Below, the professional high-pole lamp manufacturers introduce a few problems that should be avoided when installing high-pole lamps. Let's take a look.

1. There are too many obstructions around:

   There are obstructions around the high pole lamp, such as leaves, buildings, etc. blocking the light, which affects the absorption and use of light energy, resulting in a decrease in the charging power of the solar panel.

What problems should be avoided when installing high pole lights?(图1)

  2. Reference light source around the solar panel:

   There are other street lights around the high-pole lights, and the surrounding street lights are on, causing the solar panels of the high-pole lights to detect the light source and mistakenly think it is daylight, causing the charging voltage of the solar panels to be above the light-controlled voltage point and the lights cannot be turned on.

  3. The solar panel is installed under the shelter:

Solar panels are installed under wires, branches, and light poles, which will leave a dark shadow on the solar panels during the day. Because solar panels generally have multiple strings, if a certain string of solar panels appears on the solar panel. The dark shadows are relatively deep. If it is severe, this string is equivalent to a disconnection, and if the solar panel has multiple strings, the solar panel will not generate electricity.

  4. Lights are installed on both sides, and the solar panels are slanted facing each other:

  In order to be beautiful, the installation personnel may install the solar panels skewed and symmetrically facing each other, but if one side is oriented correctly, then the other side must be at fault. On the wrong side, the charging power will drop because the light cannot directly reach the solar panel.


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