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What to do if the integrated street lamp fails

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1. The whole set of integrated street lights does not light up

  The whole set of integrated street lights does not light up. The possible reasons are incorrect wiring, problem with the light source, short circuit of the clear water inlet controller, and too long consecutive rainy days, etc. First check the controller of the integrated street light, look at the logo on the top, check that the response logo is clear and correct to continue, and then investigate whether there is a rusty environment on the terminal of the controller. If it is, it is very likely that the controller is damaged, if not, Measure the battery voltage. If the battery voltage of the 12V integrated street lamp system is lower than 10.7V, the battery can no longer be used. Replace the battery. In a sunny environment, check whether the solar panel has current and voltage output. If there is, the solar panel is normal, and if there is no solar panel, the solar panel is damaged. If none of the above problems exist, it is a problem with the light source of the LED lamp. Continue to check the light source and other power sources to see if the light is on. If it does not light, change the light source of the lamp. If it is a series of cloudy and rainy days, the whole set of integrated street lights will not light up as usual, because the solar panels do not generate electricity, and the power stored in the battery has been used up before. When there is light, the solar panels will continue to charge the battery, and the integrated street lights will show up as usual. Lights up.


  2, the light source of the led lamp flashes

   The Led light source is flashing. The important reason is that the wiring problem is clear, and the battery may lose power. First of all, check to see if the wiring is correct, whether the nodes continue and the package is normal, and you can also reconnect the clarity. The light source or flashing will be considered as the battery is losing power. Use the DC voltage to measure the open circuit voltage of the battery. If the voltage is lower than 12v, the battery is losing power. Correctly continue the battery positive and negative poles and the solar panel positive and negative poles. The system will normally be used after charging for 1-2 days.

  3, the lighting time is short, and it will not turn on when it rains

There is only one reason for this problem. The capacity of the battery is too small. If it is a new device, analyze the false standard of the battery capacity issued by the manufacturer and fail to meet the lighting requirements for successive rainy days. If the integrated street light has been used for several years before Analyze the battery decay to the service life, just replace the battery.

  4, the light source of led lamps is not fully bright

   Some of the LED light sources are bright, and some are not bright. Nowadays, the commonly used integrated street lamp led light sources on the market are officially arranged, and there is a one-sided bright and one-sided non-bright environment. The poor quality of this led lamp is probably because the standard is different, resulting in the same voltage and current environment. For the same thing, it may also be possible that there is a false solder during the soldering process, and the one-sided lamp bead is in poor contact. In this environment, just replace the light source of LED lamps, and the integrated street light show always lights up.


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