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Why are the lights used in the factory called LED high bay lights?

time:2021-06-24 Views:

The factory floor is usually required to be bright and easy to work, but do you know the lamps installed in the factory? What kind of lights are used in general factory workshops? Today, the editor will explain to everyone about LED high bay lights!

Most LED high bay lights are directly hung on the roof of the workshop, because these lights are illuminated from the roof of the workshop, which will neither affect the sight of the workers nor affect the work.

As the global energy situation tends to be tight, energy shortages have brought many effects to major energy-consuming manufacturing industries. It is a general trend for manufacturing enterprises to take the road of energy saving. The company now has more than 20% energy saving potential. Due to lack of funds and insufficient understanding of factory lighting, factories and companies have greatly increased their costs due to the consumption of large amounts of energy. Not only the power supply is tight, but the surrounding environment is also polluted.

In view of the above situation, combined with the analysis of the status quo of most factories and enterprises, the analysis and suggestions of the factory lighting renovation plan are proposed:


The main issues we need to consider for the factory lighting design plan are:

1. Understand the workshop's production process, operation methods and forms, the layout of workshop equipment and the required lighting brightness, etc. These objective conditions are the main reference elements for workshop lighting design.

2. While meeting the sensory needs of customers such as brightness, it must give people a visual comfort.

3. Energy saving and consumption reduction, and good economic benefits are the directions to be considered when designing. As we all know, energy consumption is mainly concentrated in industrial industries.

According to related media reports, Guangdong’s industrial energy consumption accounted for 63.9% of the province’s terminal energy consumption last year. The “big head” of reducing industrial energy consumption should be the top priority in energy conservation and consumption reduction. Vigorously promote the application of energy-saving lighting products. The general trend.


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